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Green House Seed Company - jeden z najbardziej utytułowanych seedbank'ów.

Nov 6, 2020 Curiosities 0 Comments
Green House Seed Company - one of the most successful seedbanks.

Today, a few words about Green House Seeds Co. This company from the Netherlands is one of the most popular seed banks in the world. Under their banner, countless numbers of great-quality varieties have been created, which have often won at the most important industry events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Establishment of Green House Seeds Co.

When we want to say something about Green House Seeds, we have to mention two characters that I already mentioned in the article about White Widow. They are Nevill Shoenmaker and Arjan Roskam. It is from them, because the history of this popular Seedbank begins. The history of Green House Seeds begins in the 90's. Arjan Roskam was then a beginner breeder and was involved in seed creation since 1985, moreover, from 1992 he owned one of the first Dutch Coffeshops, it was called Green House. A year earlier, in 1991, Nevill Shoenmaker sold his Seed Bank of Holland to Ben Dronkers - owner of Sensi Seeds. Soon after, he and Roskam officially launched the Green House Seeds Company. The combination of knowledge about the crossing of Shoenmaker cannabis with a reliable instinct for Roskam's business made their seedbank very popular both in Europe and around the world, and the varieties they created began to win more awards at various events.

Arjan z GHS


In 1995, a man called Shantibaba joined the GHS crew. According to Roskam himself, he only hired him to water the plants and sell them. Shantibaba worked with Aryan for several years while Green House Seeds was still under development. He owned a 25% stake in the company. However, their cooperation ended with a screeching halt. Arjan accused Shantibab of stealing genes owned by GHS, which resulted in his dismissal from the company. Shantibaba, however, did not abandon breeding and opened his own Seedbank in Switzerland - Mr. Nice Seeds, which to this day rivals Green House Seeds Co.shantibaba

Nevill Shoenmaker leaves

In 1998, Nevill Shoenmaker also left the team. He decided to focus more on his own projects, the most important of which was the legalization of marijuana in Australia, Nevill's home country. The divergence of Green House Seeds co-creators did not stop Arjan from developing his company, as evidenced by Franco Loji's joining the ranks of GHS.

Franco Loja

Franco Loja is an Italian cannabis enthusiast and former military man. After leaving the service, he decided to focus entirely on his passion for cannabis breeding. He moved to the Netherlands, where in 2001 he became a manager at the Medical Marijuana Institute in the Netherlands, at that time the only place for candles with permission to grow and deliver marijuana to pharmacies. 3 Years later, in 2004, he started working at Green House Seeds as a breeder, a person responsible for crossing plants and obtaining seeds for new varieties.

Strain Hunters.

In later years, Loja and Roskam created a new initiative called Strain Hunters. They recorded expeditions to find varieties of Landrace, varieties naturally occurring in a given region. It allowed to broaden the genetic base possessed by Green House Seeds and thus create new amazing strains. Unfortunately, Franco Loja died in 2017. To commemorate him, Seedbank GHS has released a variety dedicated to him called Franco Lemon Chesse. It is a cross between the amazing, award-winning and favorite varieties of Franco.

Winners of numerous Cannabis Cup's awards

Over the years, Green House Seeds have created a huge number of marijuana varieties, many of them became hits and won top places at the most prestigious events in their time. Already in 1998, they won all possible awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The number of awards won by GHS there is already over 80! Here are some of the best marijuana strains produced by this Dutch seedbank.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is an iconic strain that probably everyone has heard of. It is one of the most successful sativas in the world. Two-time winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup (2008 and 2009) and the IC420 Growers Cup 2010. On the shelf with Super Lemon Haze awards there is also one from the medical industry, namely the victory at the Seatle Medical Cup 2012. This is confirmed by the great therapeutic application of this variety. Super Lemon Haze is a combination of two excellent varieties of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It is a tall plant with long, wide-spreading branches and long, sativa-like leaves. The aromas are characterized by a very strong, citrus, grapefruit-like scent, combined with the scent of musk and a delicate peppery aftertaste

Big Bang

Big Bang is a very popular variety, especially appreciated by patients for its healing properties. It is a typically medical strain that is sold by prescription in a Dutch dispensary. Winner of the 3rd place at the HTCC in 2000, and many other awards. Big Bang is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. It was obtained from a cross between Skunk, Northern Light, and El Ninio.

It is mostly Indica (70%), which is clearly visible in the appearance of the plant. It grows not tall, but highly branched. The effects of consumption are deep relaxation, sedation and overwhelming drowsiness. This particular type of marijuana can also help relieve pain, sleep and appetite disorders.

Exodus Chesse

The Exodus Chesse is a plant that has gained immense popularity on the islands. It won, among others, the 1st Place award at Expo-Grow-Irun 2012 and became a hit at Spannabis 2013. Exodus Chesse is a hybrid of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It is characterized by high production and pleasant cheese aromas combined with earthiness and sweetness. It works like a typical Indica and maintains its calming effect for a long time. Used medicinally to treat insomnia and relieve stress.

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