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AK-47 Historia i działanie

Oct 27, 2020 Cannabis Strains 0 Comments
AK-47 Historia i działanie

AK-47  is a classic and one of the most popular marijuana strains. Classic, because thanks to its properties and effects, and the presence in the cannabis world, it has undoubtedly earned this name for many years. There is probably no person who has not heard it, although the name of this legendary strain and those who used it probably have a good opinion about it.

The history of the creation of the AK-47.

The origins of the AK-47 variety date back to the 1970s, when a cross between Thai and Afghan varieties was created, but the official creation is considered to be 1992, when the breeder from Serious Seeds created the AK-47 by crossing these species. 7 years later, in 1999, the variety was crossed once more, it obtained a plant with stable genes, and in the same year it won the second place in the prestigious competition, which is the High Times Cannabis Cup. It is also worth mentioning that the AK-47 is one of the most successful marijuana strains. From the beginning of its presence, it has been constantly winning awards at important events and in total, until 2018, it had accumulated as many as 27! For this and many other reasons, AK-47 was and is very often used to create new hybrids with great properties.

Characteristics of the variety.

AK-47 is a variety with the majority of Sativa genes, it works well both outdoors and indoors. Reaches medium sizes, most often not exceeding one meter. It produces dark, very resin-rich and dense buds, which means that this plant does not like too much moisture, which is important to keep in mind when growing. AK-47 inflorescences emit an intense fragrance that combines the scent of pine, sandalwood and citrus. This makes the aromas that accompany smoking a refreshing citrus flavor with a distinctive scent of skunk.


AK-47 is a strain with a high THC content. It is appreciated by both commercial and medical users for its strong but non-overwhelming effect. The predominance of sativa genes in this strain means that the high, although strong, does not cause dullness and, acting mainly mentally, gives a feeling of euphoria, allowing you to relax and gain energy. The action of AK-47 is especially appreciated by people struggling with depression or chronic pain. It is so strong that even a small dose can bring results.

Many factors contributed to the popularity of the AK-47. It is definitely one of the most valued marijuana strains in the world. Due to the relative ease of cultivation and the possibility of breeding in many conditions, it is often chosen by breeders from around the world. Award-winning and producing aromatic and resinous tops with a high THC content. In other words, it has all the features to call it a classic after several decades of being on top.

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