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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Climate is of the essence when it comes to choosing an outdoor variety. People living in the far north or far south (in boreal or subpolar climates) will have a very limited choice of strains. The farther from the equator, the shorter the growing season will be before winter frosts prevent further flowering from continuing.

Temperatures can also be consistently too low to sustain many cannabis varieties, even in the height of summer. Most cannabis strains require a constant warm climate for vigorous vegetative growth; although they prefer slightly lower temperatures during flowering, they still do not tolerate excessive frost. Overall, cannabis can be successfully grown up to the 60th North-East Parallel - although there are reports of cannabis in Scandinavia as far as the 67th parallel.

Thanks to the hard work of breeders from around the world, it was possible to obtain cannabis strains that do not wait until the autumn equinox with flowering induction, but do it a bit earlier, e.g. at the beginning of September, ending at the beginning of October. Such outdoor marijuana seeds can give huge yields and surprise with quality, everything is a matter of choosing the right genes for your latitude.

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